From June 1 2023, Starter Lite plan will be officially renamed to “Free plan” with several changes. If you wish to use the advanced features moving forward, please upgrade the account by the aforementioned date. Contact if you have any questions.

Thank you very much for your interests in helping with translation. You can register an account and login to start translating in any language available, or you can simply log in to vote/like other contributor's translation. Most voted translation will eventually get approved for release. For non-translators, you can also check translation progress for your language without registration.

Please bookmark this page so that you can access it later, or you can find a link to this page in the About section of Chrono Download Manager. For the usage of this system, you may find this link useful. There's also an internal forum that allow you to discuss with other translators. To ease the translation, all languages are pre-translated by machine for reference.

The translation work is completely voluntary. But we may be able to give some benefits to contributors in the future. Notable contributors' names will appear on the About page of Chrono Download Manager. Thank you again for your time and support!


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